Han Ga Eun (Gaeungbebe)

Han sure doesn’t look her age.

Not that sh’’s a contemporary of Methuselah, but we wouldn’t guess she just turned 36 a month or so ago. Han is a model/race Queen and we like, in addition to her obvious physical attributes, the different looks she gives in her photos.



  1. Avatar of Mkick

    full approval here. yow

  2. paulm’s avatar

    OMG! That is one beautiful woman. My heart is melting!

  3. Avatar of Ricky269

    Most Korean women never are showing their age

  4. Avatar of smellykev

    richard Newton Sherrer,

    Until they hit 50 and magically morph into short curly-haired demons from hell wearing floral stretch pants and tinted face masks.

  5. Avatar of ssn

    Awesome! I do like the blonde look. Siren.

  6. Avatar of DeepSky

    The age defying Ms. Han is beautiful with a wonderful, fit body. I particularly like the second from last picture of her with the black jacket over the lacy top and black skirt, she’s sexy, sophisticated, and sultry all at the same time!

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Keep these beautiful youngsters coming!

  8. Avatar of arf

    All these women here recently have been made of sugar and spice and everything nice. zero complaints

  9. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Graceful aging Korean beauty. Hard to go wrong.

  10. Roger Sack’s avatar

    Another reason why the Allies fought the Korean War.