This is model and musician Pinoco.

Woody-Alien didn’t know much about Pinoco, but he knew he liked what he saw.

She’s in and was a founding member of a five-member indie rock idol group called Toricago that was formed back in February of 2018, and made their first appearance in March of that year. Having listened to some of their stuff we’re personally more inclined to lean into her modeling gig, which she does quite well.




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    Free the nipple! Picture 2 is a good opportunity to energetically protest the abuse of padded bras and pasties by Asian women.

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    If her boobs grow every time she lies, she must fib a lot.

  3. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    I never listened to any of their songs, I just enjoy looking at the pics she generously posts on her Twitter! I also was enthused by the faux-lesbian photoshoot she did with her bandmate “Vampire” and was waiting for some more of that.

  4. Mr_Mike’s avatar

    Very lovely.

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    The soft Japanese female is always appealing.

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    Vampire Lesbians From Japan almost writes itself.