Olivia Rodrigo

Dr. Lee had spoken about an Olivia post sometime back.

We don’t recall why she wasn’t done, but she deserves our consideration.

An actress and singer from California, Olivia had her debut single in January of this year and it reached number one in various countries around the world. At the recent American Music Awards she snagged best new artist. Filipina–American on her dad’s side, we can bet she’ll only get better in every aspect.

DOB: 2003/2/20
Height: 5’5″ (165cm)
Weight: 121lbs (55kg)
Measurements: 34-28-39″ (86-71-99cm)

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  1. Brutus’s avatar


  2. Roger Sack’s avatar

    With those looks, no need to sing.
    As we say in Spanish, SOBRESALIENTE !!

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  4. Avatar of IeatCows

    Not your typical Spanish-influenced arss but everything else is right on point!

  5. Brutus’s avatar

    She looks a bit like alexia anders…

  6. Avatar of Seems

    I even forgive her for the implants. At least they aren’t obnoxious, but I do prefer her “before” pics.

  7. Avatar of arf

    I had no idea she was part Philippina. …OMG YES! All of her songs that I hear are about getting dumped by her boyfriend. Really? Who would betray such a beautiful Goddess???

  8. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    That comment was too crude Brutus—please show this lovely young lady a little more respect (the same applies to any siren).

    I’m crazy about this girl. I am not a fan of most modern pop, but Driver’s Licence has one of the most genuinely emotive vocals I’ve heard in years—not the forced, stylised so-called ‘emotion’ you hear so often these days. I was then completely knocked out when I saw her: stunningly pretty with a fantastic, trim and fit body. Such a combination of talent and beauty is a rare and precious thing indeed.

  9. Ogrady’s avatar

    I’m with you, doc. She’s all around amazing. Can’t wait to see her when she’s in her later 20s. She’ll be even hotter.

    Seems, I don’t think she has implants. And rw, that last pic is prob her face but that’s not her body (I don’t think). I doubt she wore that to the Vma’s. I did a quick google of her from the vma’s and didn’t see her in that lingerie.

  10. Avatar of Seems


    Her name pops up in stories about stars getting work done, and if you look at earlier pics her chest is quite small. Now she’s very suddenly sporting much larger and rounder breasts. They’re better done than most and the fact that it’s not completely obvious is a good thing.

    I had no idea either she was part Filipina but it just multiplies my crush on her.

  11. Mark B’s avatar

    Very cute girl
    I agree with Ogrady give a few years when she gets a little older and she will be super hot

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    You may be right about the implants, but she’s only 18, and depending on when the earlier pictures were taken it could just be that she is still maturing.

    Hopefully we’ll feature her again in a few years after she grows up. I prefer that we don’t feature teenagers and high school kids on the site. JMO.

  13. D W’s avatar

    So talented and yet soooo pretty!

  14. Avatar of MaJieMao

    She is stunning a fan of this young lady I am.