Sasinee Pimjan (sasinee__pp)

Not much to tell on Sasinee.

An attractive if not stunningly beautiful young woman who is also a MILF, Sasinee, who appears from some of her photos to be fairly height challenged, looks to be an ‘Instagram model’, although her Instagram has vanished. That happens sometimes but we thank her for those photos. From looking at recent Facebook pics it seems there have been some changes in her life.




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    Absolutely perfectly Delectable yumminess. What a wonderful little body she has.

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    I need to squeeze those round, hard boobs of her together with the rest or her petite body. I can dream of her riding cowgirl on me …

  3. Dwix1’s avatar

    Those boobs were a tight fit. It’s too bad. And another example of a really beautiful woman making changes to caucasian-ize. It begs the question, why? Is It viewed as better to be a caucasian woman? Or? What does it mean?? Does it not mean anything at all?

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    Romanticwarrior wrote:


    Sad but true. It’s unfortunate, because the rest of her is gorgeous.

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    Interesting investments

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    Very nice overall.