You can get Monica to cook for you or work on your motorbike.

These days we’ll go for the cooking. A 32-year-old Indonesian blogger and influencer with over 700,000 Instagram followers, this busty beauty also likes flying and apparently, if we are to believe some of the stuff we read, can pilot a helicopter. A siren who can hook you up with a delicious meal and change your spark plugs—that’s the breast of both worlds.




  1. Avatar of Seems

    Pretty face, but not my cup(s) of tea.

  2. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Free, free, set them free (Oh whoa)
    Free, free, set them free
    Free, free, set them free
    Free, free, set them free
    If you need somebody, call my name
    If you want someone, you can do the same

  3. Roger Sack’s avatar

    She’s quite beautiful.
    My guess is that her breasts
    were very nice before the surgical intervention.

  4. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    M wrote:
    I was all in until I saw this pic

    It was somehow to be expected. She might have put on some weight lately, but I guess she combines in her glamour pictures good camera angles and a decent amount of Photoshop.

    Since I don’t expect to cross my way with her anytime soon, I will keep staring at the pictures here and forget about her Insta.

    Free, free, set them free … :)

  5. Avatar of ProfAbe

    Wow. The surgeon really got carried away.

  6. Avatar of MaJieMao

    The whole package is a bit more than I can handle…in more than one way.

  7. Avatar of DeepSky

    Except for the picture in the link posted by M, I like Ms. Monica a lot! Really pretty with amazing assets. Clearly not one of our petite sirens, but sexy as all get out. Her body looks like it was built for just one thing!

  8. Avatar of arf

    Fantastic body. She could be my cup of coffee in the mornings. or my red bull at night. and she eats bacon!

  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Although not as slim or trim as my usual taste, her sensational boobs make up for that, and she’s just outstandingly sexy.