Mayuki Ito

Mayuki is another well-chested siren we overlooked.

And again, past poster rob2322 offered a glimpse at this beauty—who debuted in AV at the end of 2017—in the forum. A quite lovely face and a great body, the breasteses are, we imagine, aftermarket but are superbly done, and if given the chance, we would have to be surgically removed from them.

DOB: 1997/11/30
Height: 5’3″ (160cm)
Measurements: 35-21-35″ (88-54-89cm)

Gallery 1
Gallery 2



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  2. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Oh please how can she be so beautiful and sexy? I would be grateful for spending the rest of my days with her. Probably mostly naked.

  3. Avatar of Pyle

    She checks a lot of boxes for me, but the nose is off-putting.

  4. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Pyle wrote:
    She checks a lot of boxes for me, but the nose is off-putting.

    I didn’t even notice she has a nose :lol:

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    WoW!….what a yummy little morsel of goodness.

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    Ms. Mayuki is very pretty with some wonderful boobs and an outstanding boobs/waist/hips ratio! Another excellent addition to the HH.

    I think July 2021, has set the high water mark for the number of outstanding models presented on AS for a single month!

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    I find her lips a bit off, but her chesticules compensate nicely.

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    I’ve watched several AVs of her. She is one of the best AV actress.

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    That’s a really pretty and nicely proportioned pair of boobs, and the rest of her certainly isn’t bad either.