B.Sansarmaa is a request by SeoulMusic.

‘B’ apparently was a presenter on some program on Mongolian National Television. An article on her from a couple of years ago says she left her homeland on a research trip, landed in LA and started studying acting. She returned home because, the article says, she was to appear in a Mongolian film series called Single Ladies 3. The article also said that, since losing a bit of weight, she uses her Instagram page to post nude photos. I guess what she offers is considered nude in Mongolia.



  1. Avatar of redlaw

    Im not into her but that converted VW bus food truck is awesome!

  2. Avatar of Seems

    I’m going to play against type here. She’s not the prettiest siren we’ve had, and I normally balk at models who rely on makeup and bleached hair for their look. But somehow I find her intriguing and it works for her.

    Or maybe I just wish it was my handprints on those nice round buns in the last pic?!

  3. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Not my cup of tea, but I applaud her efforts in trying.

  4. Gluntz’s avatar

    Majiemao wrote:
    Not my cup of tea, but I applaud her efforts in trying.

    She’s not making any effort to be your cup of tea, my friend.

  5. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I’d say each of her assets is ok (legs, bum, …) but the final combination does not match my likes. Anyway probably someone interesting to know.

  6. Avatar of ssn

    Very beautiful…Siren material.

  7. Avatar of Seems


    I respectfully disagree. Models put their pics out there because they believe they’ll be perceived as attractive to at least some people. “Not my cup of tea” is the polite way of saying that this particular model isn’t personally appealing without getting into specifics. We don’t all have to like the same thing, and I hope there’s room for differing opinions.

  8. Mr. Mermaid’s avatar

    The young lady is beautiful, but I would rather have the PERFECT VW Westfalia converted camper, circa 1965 from what I can see, in the earlier photos! What a sweet fun ride ANY young lady of MY flavor would enjoy!

  9. Avatar of arf

    Not my cup of coffee. I like her legs and body though.

  10. Avatar of wingsfan19

    arf wrote:
    Not my cup of coffee. I like her legs and body though.

    We’ve finally found a Siren that arf doesn’t particularly care for! What’s next, cats and dogs living together? Mass chaos?