We aren’t too sure about Cheryl’s identity.

We figure her to be about 21-ish, and she states she’s 5’7″ (170cm). She only has about 3 or 4 videos on her TikiTok, and one of them has her on a boat with some music about Miami, and many of her photos put her around there. There is a Cheryl Xiao who works as a digital marketing specialist in Miami, and the small photo that LinkedIn provides has someone who could be her. We saw other information that has her living in Cumming, Georgia. As her Isntagram indicates though, no matter where she is, she’s a looker.



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    I don’t know whether I would put her on a pedestal to admire her with devotion, or just accept my most basic instincts and put her on a hotel bed and love her until I die of a heart stroke while she rides me once and again.

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    What a delicious curvy little mystery girl!

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    A looker for sure, with some serious curves.

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    I Love You Cheryl!!!

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    Nicely trim and fit, with curves in all the right places.

  6. Tim’s avatar

    Is that all she can do? Parade around showing off her good looks and hot body? How can she compete with Melinda Gates?

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    Cheryl is very pretty with a nicely toned body with some significant curves!

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    Cumming, Georgia? There’s a joke that writes itself. BTW, wow!

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    Good problem to have

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    I’m surprised the OP pegged her as Chinese; the body/lips/nose definitely suggest Vietnamese.

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    Read the post.