I don’t know what to tell you about blackbird_fit.

Supposedly of Korean/Indian ethnicity, it’s pretty hard to tell with all the PS/filtering going on. If you look at her Instagram, you’ll see quite a difference from earlier photos. Other than that she seems to be quite fit. I just hope she didn’t Photoshop the muscularity of her ass. It would break my heart.

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  1. Avatar of MaJieMao

    Kind of scares me, I’ll pass

  2. Avatar of adcmelb

    Great body, but this site has had better

  3. Avatar of arf

    That butt she’s got makes me, me, me so …..happy! her legs too.

  4. Avatar of Sugarbushmadman

    Not sure what I’m seeing. She looks hot, I think. With smoke and mirrors even great democracies can collapse.

  5. Avatar of Seems

    She’s certainly fit, which I’m sure some will like, but there’s a fine line between firm and muscular that I think she’s crossed. And way too overdone for me. Hard to know what she really looks like.

  6. Avatar of joesmith7400

    I like ‘em strong, so that part works for me. . .the jury in my brain is still out on the face, though.