Salomé Das

Model Salomé calls Kuala Lumpur home.

A mix of a French dad and an Indian mom, Salomé was born in Germany but grew up in Malaysia. She says she felt her nationality was never part of her identity and that she feels just as much French as she does Indian, but is really connected to Malaysian culture having lived there all her life. Very attractive. Her stats are: age 19ish, height 5’6″ (173cm), and measurements of 31-23-34″ (79-60-88cm).

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  1. Roger Sack’s avatar

    She is a proof of the existence of a Supreme Being.

  2. Avatar of Seems

    She may not be particularly Asian, but she is still particularly hot! She needs to show off those buns more – they’re spectacular!

  3. Avatar of arf

    Another Please and thank you! agree that derriere is pretty magnificent.

  4. Avatar of Sugarbushmadman

    Exactly what every guy wants to see when he wakes up.

  5. marc’s avatar

    Ouch! She’s gorgeous.

  6. paulm’s avatar

    She stirs my manhood!

  7. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I used to have a f*ckbuddy here in KL that was also a “Das”, but she was much more on the Indian side. Wouldn’t mind adding Salomé Das to the Das-experience

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19

    You know, as much as I love Asian sirens, I’m such a car guy that I took particular notice of that vintage GTO. Both Salome and the car are hot!

  9. Avatar of arf

    Das ist gut!