Anita Jane Pathammavong

If I had to pick an ethnicity for Anita Jane, I think I would have gone with Indian.

And indeed on at least one site that’s how she’s listed. However, the site I initially found her on has her born in Laos and that’s how she lists herself on her Instagram. She could be a mix of the two. From hearing her speak I’d lean toward Amerasian myself, although it seems to me I also saw somewhere that she was Eurasian. Sirens can be confusing. Whatever the case, her family moved from Laos to Virginia when she was 6, and she is now a New Yorker where she models. She’s very new with 2020 being her earliest known shoots.

Age: early 20s
Height: 5’10″ (177cm)
Measurements: 36-29-41″ (91-74-104cm)

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  1. Avatar of Seems

    She makes me confused! I find most of her pics extremely alluring, but there are a few that make her look extremely severe and just put me off. I might need to do a personal inspection to confirm which impression of her is correct!

  2. Avatar of wingsfan19


    I like her much better in the color photos than the B & W ones, although her body looks hot in both.

  3. Avatar of Seems

    She needs to stay away from the bowl-cut bangs straight across her forehead – it’s not at all flattering for her face. And while she has a nice figure her rear seems a little flat in that last pic. Maybe not HH material, but nice enough for a weekend! I do like her skin tone.

  4. Avatar of arf

    I of course think she’s very sexy and lovely! there’s something about the blunt bangs and she’s very sensual and leggy

  5. Avatar of Luke

    She has sexy shoulders. Nice photography, something a bit different, I like her.

  6. Patty Whacks’s avatar

    Sexy and erotic.