Choi Soye

Choi is another Korean freelance model.

I must say, I find many of these Korean models seem to crowd into the same lane looks-wise, much like a particular vein of their Thai counterparts. That doesn’t make Choi (or many of the others) unattractive—in fact I find her to be quite lovely. I wouldn’t mind a little fuller lips though.

Age: 30
Height: 5’8″ (174cm)
Weight: 112lbs (51kg)




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  2. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    tui, tui, tui….but I still love her.

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    *sigh* Such a huge contrast with the last couple of models. Another Korean mannequin from the production line. Her face looks so chiseled and the eyes so unnatural I just don’t see the appeal – at least for me.

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    I seriously need to move back to Korea.

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    I always liked the Sexbot2000

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    Love everything from curves to smile.

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    Love the Korean ladies…she looks a bit uncanny. :?

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    I like the B&W pic. I find it the most “alive” of them all. Fantasies of an improvised strip tease…

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    Seoul Music wrote:
    I like the B&W pic. I find it the most “alive” of them all. Fantasies of an improvised strip tease…

    I second this comment; that shot is hawt. Must concur with Seems that she gets a little dolly at times. Do love the pink semi-bikini in the first couple of shots, though.

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    Is it make-up on the eyes or is it surgery? Her eyes give me real doll vibes, it kinda makes me uncomfortable, but I see it a lot with IG models.

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    Is she a damn cartoon. I understand a little plastic surgery hear and there, but god damn. She looks like a damn cartoon. So unnatural.

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    Be more respectful.

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    I’ll have to go with lovely as well.

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    Absolutely love the short hair and the playful personality.