CN Buni

Only one photo set was found.

That is regrettable. CN Buni is Indonesian and that’s all I know about her other than what the photographs themselves reveal. She’s hot. She’s got a great body. She wears a hat very well. Onto the photos!



  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She is beautiful and hot and absolutely attractive and sexy. I will come back and watch the pictures again and again …

  2. Avatar of egg

    She has at least one other set of pictures…I did a forum post ages ago on the lovely Bu Ni…

    (Darned if I remember why, but at the time I had her as being from HK *shrug*)

  3. Avatar of kemper

    This girl is perfect

  4. Avatar of Tbone

    Some shaving cream and a razor would work wonders for this beautiful young woman.

  5. Avatar of adcmelb

    Nice – how many guys are moving to Indonesia after see her. ;) ;) ;)

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    As Joe Cocker would say, she can leave her hat on.

  7. Avatar of Ricky269

    So beautiful with a lovely hairy bush.

  8. clive’s avatar

    The long wait is over. Can Yanks travel to Indonesia?

  9. Eric’s avatar

    beautiful. both her body and photos are very good.

  10. Avatar of ProfAbe

    Just perfect. These are pretty old, though. Maybe 10-12 years ago.

  11. Avatar of Seems

    Stunning. I agree with Tbone on the bush, but it sure wouldn’t keep me from diving in!

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  13. V’s avatar

    Yes please. Her body, her decision first and foremost, but I personally think women should have SOMETHING down there

  14. Stanley Rutgers’s avatar

    Love the natural look. Absolutely no need for a razor.

  15. arpy’s avatar

    Bu Ni may be AS of the year if I were to pick.

    While Joe Cocker had a minor hit with “You Can Leave Your Hat On”, it is a Randy Newman song from “Sail Away” and that is how I remember it.