Ayzhamal Osmonova

Ayzhamal reporting on the scene

Ayzhamal Osmonova is from Kyrgyzstan, which is just next door to Kazakhstan.

And apparently they have limited ability to post high resolution images on the web.  Either that or I can’t find them.

Ayzhamal Osmonova is a Kyrgyz model and TV presenter who became the winner of the Asia model Awards in 2015, was the winner of the Miss Princess of Asia award in 2016, and took Miss Beautiful Skin at Miss Asia in 2017. She attended a ‘budget’ university for International Journalism and lives a fairly modest life, as evidenced by the fact that she drives a black Toyota Camry. Unfortunately in 2018 that Camry was involved in an accident with a police car which hospitalized her with a concussion.

Most recently (well 2019 anyway) she was the organizer and vice-president of the World league of beauty and fashion, which hosted a beauty pageant for 3 to 17 year olds.  She is apparently officially licensed to hold events for the League (but sadly their website still has pages with the ‘lorem ipsum’ template language still in place).

Date of birth January 18 1990 or October 20, 1999 (I’ve seen both listed)
Lives in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan or Osh (I’ve seen both listed)

Crowned beauty queen

Looking like a Sears catalog model

Yellow dress

With Kyrgyz flag

The only decent bikini shot

Evening gown

Fresh faced Kyrgyz girl

Wine lover!

Playing with a tool

Obligatory V for Victory pose

(the unfortunately named) Gramho
Twitter (not updated since 2014)



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    Beautiful woman! She just needs less clothing….

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    Yes, she is lovely and very interesting.

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    I appreciate seeing some central Asia sirens. :)