grace823_ doesn’t give up much info.

She’s sometimes referred to as ‘grapefruit girl’. Could that be in regards to a certain part of her body?

Grace does the usual modeling stuff and appears in music videos. I watched a bad music video with a Korean guy in blonde dreadlocks doing some rapping that she was in, and she was certainly the best part of it. She has her own YouTube channel where she does humorous stuff. It’s probably funnier if you speak Korean. Good-looking. Great body.




  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She has an outstanding set of puppies and legs. Probably some other features, but right now I only have eyes for this couple of things

  2. Avatar of PerthMike

    Awesome and amazing. To me, she is sheer perfection :)

  3. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I’m an atheist, but this a Grace I’d say do anytime.

  4. Avatar of Seems

    Sorry, but she’s not my cup of tea. The nose job and whatever other plastic surgery she’s had done make her face far too unnatural looking for my liking.

  5. Avatar of tulqas

    I’m no PS expert myself, but the beach pictures are just really odd looking. Seems like someone made a cut out of her studio pics and glued it to a beach background. Just saying….

  6. Seoul Music’s avatar

    A rosé pamplemousse for me, please.

  7. Avatar of vinhdiesel


    I’m with you on that one buddy. All these plastic korean or chinese girls are looking like the same person to me.

  8. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Diesel wrote:

    All these plastic korean or chinese girls are looking like the same person to me.

    Easier to assimilate a breakup … or to have an excuse if you had an affair with another woman :)

  9. Avatar of arf

    did someone say Yummm?

  10. Avatar of arf

    because i sure would love me some of her grapefruit

  11. Avatar of PerthMike

    Slim legs and busty Asian always does things for me. And a little ‘kooky’ too as a bonus ;)