Yuko Mabuchi

Dr. Lee requested Yuko a while ago.

So it shall be requested. So it shall be done. Eventually. :mrgreen:

Yuko was playing classical piano at age 4, but hip-hop and blues was where it was at when she was a teenager, and after high school, jazz. She began doing solo stuff in her hometown and joined a local jazz trio. She landed in LA in 2010 where she continued to study, before returning to Japan 2013, playing and recording all the while.

She was back in the US by 2016 and has continued her recording career, releasing her fourth effort Tribute to Miles last year. Her virtuoso playing and showmanship plus the sound quality of her recordings has earned her quite a following among audiophiles. I’m sure her looks don’t hurt either. :)




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    Soothing, relaxing music plus she looks beautiful

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    I would be the white to her rice any day.

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    As an audiophile myself, I’m always a bit cynical about audiophile albums, especially light jazz—one thing the world does not need is another light jazz audiophile album. But she really is darn cute!

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    Toshiko Akiyoshi was a very accomplished jazz musician in her day as a pianist and big band leader, and a fine looking woman too. Check out her picture at age 48 in the wiki article about her. Click on the picture to get full resolution.