Siew Pui Yi

Say hello to Pui Yi.

You saw that name and the first thing that popped in your head was the last Emperor of China? Well, seeing her full name you guessed by now this isn’t the last Emperor. This Pui Yi is, of course, an Instagram model and a student attending college. She got some coverage as one of the 100 hottest women in Malaysia back in 2016. She produces videos parodying songs etc and also vlogs. She loves animals, traveling and food. I’m sure many of the brethren will love her. I think I do.




  1. Stephen R Puckett’s avatar

    Looks unreal, too flawless, very Tui Girlesque I would say, A true fantasy. Looks very Chinese but then again so do the beautiful ladies from northern Thailand also 8O

  2. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Needs more boob.

  3. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She has potential, but with so much photoshopping, filtering, makeup, … you don’t know what’s real anymore.

    Having said that, I would eat that sashimi octopus from her boob right now!

  4. Avatar of redlaw

    As usual, the pre-implant photos are my favorite. Although I think girls with implants look great in tight sweaters, it always is a red flag on their personality. Not that it matters much when looking at photos online.

  5. Avatar of MaJieMao

    These photos are really up and down for me, hot, then not, hot, then not. Not sure where I stand on her.

  6. slipped’s avatar

    She is a lovely girl and very sexy. She may not have needed the extra umph on top but its all good.