Nao Oikawa

Nao made an appearance, courtesy of badboy, under a ‘Model Identified’ post on the old AS site back in August 2005.

She only got one photo back in the Golden Age, so we decided to give her a better representation in a retro look. Starting her career in 2000, Nao retired in 2010. Born 1981/4/21, when she was in her prime she was 5’3″ (161cm), 34C-22-34″ (86-56-87cm) and weighed 103lbs (47kg). After looking at her photos I think you’ll agree she deserved more than one photo. rob2322 has also provided some photos in the forum.


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  1. Avatar of PerthMike

    Well, she does it for me. I am very attracted to Asian women who look like this, I can’t help it, it’s built into me. Her face, body, skin… the whole package deal is very yummy. And I’ll bet now, approaching 40 she will still look fabulous

  2. V’s avatar

    I remember first seeing her as Kegaleshia in Engine Sentai Go-Onger

  3. Ricco’s avatar

    When there is a lab which designs personal robotic aids the middle class can afford, I will buy one that looks almost exactly like Nao. Her face is so beautiful and I love her expressions. She is just the right height for me. Her breast are perfect, as are her stomach and legs. I do enjoy a little more juice in the caboose.

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Nao that’s what I call an Asian siren! (Sorry, but I gotta be me). Nao has long been a favorite of mine, worthy of her own folder.

  5. Seoul Music’s avatar

    A lot more than one picture, thanks! Totally my style.

  6. Avatar of arf

    agree with everyone…she looks like she’d make a fantastic girlfriend or more. the angle or maybe the lighting in that last shot makes her butt look nice and juicy wanna nuzzle.

  7. Jake’s avatar

    Definitely a beautiful asian angel… looked her up. She is in a movie calle Pure White. And pornhub has a few movies of her AV days.