Minori Inudo

Minori is another knockout Japanese gravure Idol.

She made an appearance in 2017 in the forum courtesy of MIA poster ferreterobat. Formerly known as Rino Inudo, Minorin, Minori and Wan-chan, she’s also been in several Jpop groups. Her Instagram says she’s now a beauty fitness model. It isn’t lying.

DOB: 1994/5/6
Height: 5’1″ (158cm)
Measurements: 34-23-33″ (88-59-84cm)


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  1. Avatar of muddypig8

    She could do a work out/jump on my bones any day!

  2. Seoul Music’s avatar

    I spill my wine every time she does this.

  3. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    Not to be confused with South American boy band Menudo :D

    She’s nice but I’m not a fan at all. She also is or was part of a group from her agency, the RIP Girls, together with the already-featured Tomomi Morisaki, Aya Hazuki and Rina Hashimoto, plus the “black sheep” HOSHINO which I posted on the forum long ago. So maybe you could make a post for her in the blog too, at least to reunite them once again ;)

  4. Avatar of arf

    Well Goodness!…what have we got here??? she’s everything I could ever want in a woman!

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Hmm, nurse or lingerie bride? How about both?

  6. Avatar of PerthMike

    Stunning, beautiful, exotic. 10/10 for me.