Kanticha Chumma

The quite attractive Kanticha Chumma.

Kanticha Chumma AKA Ticha won the TV modeling competition The Face Thailand season 2  back in 2015. Born in Thailand she moved to Sweden at the age of 7 and seems to be someone who can easily move between those 2 very different cultures. She does take a good picture.


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    Rumours say if only one person writes a comment in the first 24 hours after posting the blog entry, he can claim the lady for him. So I’m trying my luck with this beauty :)

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    How do I claim my prize? :D

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    did you get her yet? :lol:

  4. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Delivery delays reported due to restricted movement policies at destination :roll:

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    I blame China. or at least that lab in Wuhan

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    arf wrote:
    I blame China. or at least that lab in Wuhan


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    I’d consider her an essential item!