Bella Yanling Wong

Bella is a Chinese and Irish/German mix.

Living in Melbourne, Bella lists actor, extra, model, influencer, fashion stylist and TV presenter/radio presenter in her resume. I assume she can also fix the kitchen sink. I think she’s quite attractive: her Instagram has loads great photos, and for me personally enough shots of her splendiferous ass to last me hours of happy viewing. Certainly worthy of a place in the Mixed Girls wing of the HH, even with the blonde hair.

Age: 19
Height: 5’4″ (165cm)
Measurements: 30-29-24″ (78-75-62cm)

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  1. Avatar of IeatCows

    Right or Wong that arss is smoking!

  2. Avatar of arf

    I love it

  3. Avatar of Seems

    She really doesn’t need all that makeup, but that’s quite the derriere on her!

  4. Avatar of Luke

    Looks a bit crazy but very sexy!

  5. Ricco’s avatar

    She has the caboose nailed. The surf pic sans makeup shows a delightfully beautiful woman.

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Like a slimmer Kim Kardashian.