As they used to say on the Twilight Zone: ”Submitted for your approval…”. Although, I suspect that Ms. AceZoey315 (if that really is her name) might cause some controversy in the comments.

I personally don’t mind inked girls. And with Ms. Ace, I’m far too attracted by her pretty face, her shining eyes and her hobby of wandering around wearing nothing but body art to be worried by a few tattoos. It’s all just ink on a canvas, and what a canvas it is!

Sadly the information on this goddess is very sparse. The lovely lady hails from Guangdong, China according to her Twitter. I was also able to learn that her birthday is March 15, and in a recent Twitter post she claimed to have turned 61 this year. I suspect she was joking, but am more than willing to dive in and do some in-depth examination. While she exists mostly on Twitter and Instagram, she also seems to be a professional model with a number of shoots under her (entirely virtual) belt.

Twitter Video 1
Twitter Video 2
Twitter Video 3
An hour of walking around outside wearing nothing but a smile
Photo Gallery

AceZoey315 in leather jacket


AceZoey315 space girl!

AceZoey315 profile

AceZoey315 schoolgirl

AceZoey315 partly dressed

AceZoey315 half nude

AceZoey315 clear blue sky

AceZoey315 wants to have a word with you

AceZoey315 on a chair

AceZoey315 on a fairground ride

AceZoey315 is ready for rain

AceZoey315 and Zenna

AceZoey315 showing off her kitty



  1. Avatar of Luke

    I’ve grown to accept tattoos as part of the modern aesthetic, I even really like some as they can work with and even enhance the ‘canvas’. In saying that I feel in this case they are a distraction for me and the one on her stomach is unfortunate. Aside from that she is pretty and has a great body, I particularly like her tits.

  2. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Yes, I’ve come to accept the unfortunate “follow the leader” tat mentality. I mean, who wakes up and thinks “I need to get a pic of a skull with a snake crawling through it’s empty orbits right above my pubis”?
    Having said that, the siren is aces with me. Good post!

  3. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    The belly tattoo is a flop, and the “Chinese-Style” airbrushing is overdone as usual, but I’d love to have her for myself every now and then to enjoy that face and body.

  4. Seoul Music’s avatar

    OK belly tattoo may be too much but wow! And I like her I don’t give a damn attitude. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in Taiwan, but in the PRC? And public nudity… Sadly for us guys it looks like she’s into girls.

  5. Avatar of arf

    she’s got a sexy sophisticated look about her …very lovely lady

  6. Avatar of SRA

    Wow she is sexy indeed! What a little beauty.