Mak Ya Man

Is model Mak trying to tell us something?

The term ‘model’ is stretching it a bit. I think she’s pretty and I like her body, but her modeling ability is next to nil, not that it’s really called for with this type of shoot. Even with that being said, in addition to Mak’s lack of skill the photographer was particularly inept. Even the set was low bar. But, I do think she’s attractive and there was some pretty good product placement.



  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I like her and I like her body. She’s not the best posing in front of a camera, but maybe she’s fantastic moaning – I’d love to test her!

  2. Avatar of Ricky269

    I wish I could insert my hot dog into her.

  3. Avatar of kemper

    I like this one. Her pictures aren’t photoshopped. She’s pretty but can’t model.

  4. Avatar of Seems

    Unfortunately, this type of photography does nothing for me. The gynecological shots aren’t at all appealing, for me, least of all the rash/bumps/pimples on her rear end.

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Said “Little boy, I gonna Mak Ya Man!”

  6. adhoc’s avatar

    Open wider little Thai girl.

  7. JG’s avatar

    Bad, bad model! Go to my room!

  8. Avatar of SRA

    Wow what a cute little lady – love the girl-next-door types!

  9. Avatar of arf

    I think she looks swell to me….sexy look about her would certainly be happy at the bar meeting her in person