Rina Hashimoto

Rina is a true gravure model.

I could have sworn Rina had been featured before but no, not on the blog. She has been shown to the brethren however, courtesy of rob2322 in the forum.

In looking through her Instagram, I see her with Aoyama Hikaru, one of my favorite unconventional beauties, in several photos. Besides a high cuteness quotient and a delicious body, Rina offers up a load of smiles. If we could put all the unsmiling models featured on one side of a scale and just Rina on the other, it would probably balance…or maybe even favor Rina. Another of her attributes is that she can rock a tan. I love her.

DOB: 1993/9/13
Height: 5’1″ (158cm)
Measurements: 34-23-33″ (88-58-85cm)


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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    She is truly eye candy!

  2. Avatar of ssn

    Arts and crafts….BZ!

  3. Avatar of PerthMike

    Fuck me dead …..
    Sorry if that is a little crude here (if I get censored then I apologise) but that was my reaction at viewing this post.

    She is AMAZING and yes, yes, yes those smiles tug at my heart strings totally.
    Female beauty at its finest.
    Thank you for this post

  4. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    PerthMike wrote:
    Fuck me dead …..

    Wouldn’t it be a sweet death while Rina is riding cowgirl on you?

  5. Avatar of PerthMike


    I know what you mean but it would be incredibly traumatic for the lady.
    That did happen to someone in a local brothel (so I am told) a while back and the girl had to leave she was so hysterical. The owner set up a small shrine with offerings to appease the spirit of the deceased.

  6. Avatar of arf

    Absolutely Heavenly Body of goodness…the 9th shot down is crazy wonderfully good and delicious!

  7. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    My own personal thing here but if you can’t get excited over Rina you don’t have a pulse! :!:

  8. Avatar of ChickenEssence


    It must be terrible for the “survivor” …

  9. Avatar of Nobody

    I’m just gonna die!!!

  10. Avatar of mralex714

    I know what I want for Christmas.

  11. Avatar of Woody-Alien

    She is mighty fine and I like seeing girls smile but… for some reason the grin she has in almost all of her photos unsettles me a little and I don’t know why. I don’t want to be a contrarian and I think she’s great, but she makes me this effect and I somewhat prefer other girls from her agency, like Aya Hazuki or the underrated HOSHINO (yes, it has to be written in ALL CAPS, it’s not my idea).

  12. ninjuh808’s avatar

    I cant wait till they recruit her for porn.