Ri (riexotica23)

I spotted Ri on page with a bunch of Cambodian girls.

That may have just been happenstance as she doesn’t look particularly Cambodian to me… more like Indonesian if I had to guess. After hunting info for a while I gave up, so we’ll just go with Cambodian.

Ri seems to be doing well at modeling, judging from the locations she’s visited as part of her work. Quite attractive, she’s one of those models who doesn’t smile much (but looks great when she does), and wears a face that may harbor malevolence beneath the mask. I’d volunteer to find out.




  1. Avatar of arf

    great pair of legs and them buns are fantastic…especially with that bicycle seat ready to be ridden

  2. Avatar of DrZhivago

    A 10/10 for me. Perfect body and awesome exotic look. Wonderful skin color.

  3. Avatar of DeepSky

    Fit, trim sexy body, great skin tone, 1st class addition to the Hallowed Halls.

  4. Boris the bug’s avatar

    Lovely gal, especially when she smiles while on her knees in the sand.

  5. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I love her body, her skin, her boobs and ass, her legs … But what I love most is her smile. Sad it’s so scarce …

  6. Avatar of Seems


    Have to agree with the good Dr.! She is absolutely top shelf, and her eyes hold the promise of all sorts of naughtiness! And yes, she should use that smile more, it’s stunning.