Tang Fang

Time for Some Tang.

Amateur model Tang (sometimes Tiang) is a delicious example of womanhood. Fair skinned, pretty and well proportioned, it’s especially nice to see that the fads of the west—the ink, piercings etc.—haven’t reached into at least one of our wells of Asian sirens. Gorgeous.. The Hallowed Hall awaits!

For even more, check out this thread in the forum by siewaun.

DOB: 1984/9/30
Height: 5’5″ (165cm)
Weight: 106lbs (48kg)
Measurements: 30A-22-31″ (76-56-78cm)




  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful smile, slender body, clean skin, amazing boobs, ass and legs …

    Just allow me a bit of trimming around her lips.

  2. Stanley Rutgers’s avatar

    For once, I have to agree with the trim-the-trim remarks — she’s a gorgeous woman (and 35? Yes, please!). A little sculpting between the legs would look nice (just a little, though!).

  3. Badleebrewed’s avatar

    +1 for the trim.
    Other than that, this young lady is prrfect. Beauyiful skin, figure, smile, and a naughty look for special occasions.

  4. Avatar of arf

    Well Hello Ms Fang! looking really nice there…my ideal body type to me

  5. Balgor’s avatar

    I love them han women! 2 thumbs up.

  6. Avatar of smellykev

    ChickenEssence wrote:

    Just allow me a bit of trimming around her lips.

    Noooooooo!!! Protect the forests!!!!! She is perfect in every way!!! Leave her and her furry bits alone!

  7. Avatar of Luke

    I’m with Wings, wouldn’t change a thing.

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Luke, you must be a mind reader as I haven’t commented yet but you’re right, I wouldn’t change a thing so don’t any of you dare suggest a boob job. Nicest set of 30′s I’ve ever seen and a beautiful rear.

  9. Avatar of jabooty

    Balgor wrote:
    I love them han women! 2 thumbs up.

    Oh god yes. To me they epitomize the whole cute/reserved/demure in public yet absolute freak-in-bed who will do anything. Call me a creep if you will but that’s just how I feel when I see a cute Han woman