Parul Shah

I’ve come to find the name ‘Parul Shah’ is about as common a name as ‘John Smith’ is in the US.

An exotic beauty, Parul is a veteran of beauty pageants, having competed in numerous competitions since 2013. A mix of Indian and Filipino parentage that we don’t much see around here, she was born in the UAE and grew up in the Philippines. In 2016 she and her partner won TV’s The Amazing Race Asia. I believe her age to be about 31, and although she has a BA in nursing to fall back on, Parul, it seems, is making the most of her 15 minutes.

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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I love the pictures sitting at what looks like a resort, and the ones with a gown in a kitchen (beautiful wake up)

  2. Avatar of arf

    very lovely lady for sure…the resort shots are my faves also

  3. Liem huynh’s avatar

    She’s a product of those Filipino domestic servants working in the Middle East that are hooking up with South Asian construction/ labor workers that the UAE employs. Awhile back, a former Miss Philippines, Venus Raj born in Qatar, was also a product of an Indian father and a Filipino mother. I suspect we will see more of these types of offsprings from the not so rare union in the near future. Btw, both ladies were raised in the P.I. not in India or the Indian subcontinent.

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Much prefer her with the thinner, more natural eyebrows. Very pretty, very sexy.