Nikki Zole

Nikki has graced the covers of Playboy and Maxim and appeared in a Hooters calendar.

Raised in Florida, Nikki is a mix of Filipina and Dutch and has been modeling for a couple of years. She started off with pageants and her first bikini contest in 2013. The contests and modeling are things that she does in her spare time and says they give her a reason to stay in shape. The rest of the time she’s working as a medical device sales rep. Unfortunately, while checking this post I see that her Instagram is dead, but did find her Facebook under a different name. Here is her Twitter.

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  1. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I could say this and that, but truth is I would invite her home after dinner and a drink …

  2. Avatar of taipan

    A search of her real name, “Amber Contant”, does lead to another revealing image, but sadly not revealing enough…

  3. Don Juan’s avatar

    Damn, she is sexy!

  4. Avatar of DeepSky

    A very pretty, sexy woman. In a number of the images, I’d be hard pressed to say Asian.