James Felix

James Felix is an Arizona based photographer who takes damn fine photos.

@jamesfelixraw has been responsible for several girls we’ve featured before, either directly from his portfolio or as a starting point for further investigation. He captures all sorts of sexy ladies in interesting situations and poses—I’ve taken the liberty of gathering some pictures of girls that I imagine are Asian or at least could be… partly.

James started out drawing life models and then taking photos to aid his drawing before realizing that the photography itself was offering the inspiration he was searching for. God knows it captures something that inspires me!

You can find his work across various social media platforms, or find him at his own website to see samples as they’re meant to be seen: uncensored. Better yet you can even find him at Patreon, where you can subscribe and support him in his endeavours.




  1. Avatar of rahbka

    great eye, great pics, great selection of beautiful women

  2. Avatar of Seems


    Couldn’t agree more, fantastic women and pics.

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Hey! I think one of those girls has fake breasts!

  4. Avatar of Tbone

    Nice looking women, but the tagline of ‘fully nude’ should come with an asterik.

    Yes, technically, some of the women on this website are fully nude when being photographed, but that does not mean they are fully nude from head to toe and every nook and crannie inbetween to us! Some women cleverly hide their private bits.

    Not whining or complaining, just making an observation.

  5. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Tough job this guy …
    If he needs help covering the ladies with oil, I can find a gap in my schedule

  6. Avatar of Luke


    Fair point, it’s a grey area and I went that way rather than semi-nude.

  7. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I actually strongly considered changing the subcategory to semi-nude when I scheduled this post, but given the visible genitalia in some pics, I decided to stick with fully nude. The categories are set with regard to the content of the post, based on the highest level of nudity seen in it—it is not an assessment of the model/photographer’s overall balance of content.

  8. gunnar’s avatar

    can you please post the names of the girls lol

  9. Avatar of Luke



    Well seeing as you asked nicely I will give you a start there is Nigora and Erin Tequila who we’ve featured before then there’s @trapjes who we haven’t featured in the hammock, who may be South American(?). Dija King who is Jamaican drinking the Coke, Noelle Marie in a few pics with the flower tattoo on her panty line who is mixed Asian. Swedish model Aleksandra Klačar leaning against the tree who looks mixed occasionally but I have no evidence to prove it so…

  10. marc’s avatar

    Outstanding work, and amazing models.

  11. Avatar of taipan

    Dr. Lee,

    At your mention of “visible genitalia”, I had a second (and third look) at the set of images in the post and I couldn’t find any that displayed genitalia. I may need my eyes checked… 8O

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19


    well, at least the last photo.

    BTW, Visible Genitalia sounds like a great band name.

  13. Avatar of Luke

    yeah it’s funny, do you need to see flaps for it to be fully nude? If a Japanese model with a solid set of airbrushed pubes is fully nude is a lady with shaved pubes and legs closed hiding her labia not just doing the same thing? If a lady is fully naked but facing away from the camera is she not nude? Or would you have to see her bumhole? or would that not make any difference?

    I suspect there should be a really nude category.

    I don’t want to speak for Doc but I think the site leans towards the classier end of pornography and as much as I like ‘pink’ shots they are a rarity more than a mainstay on the main blog. I think vaginas are fascinating and beautiful but if I’m going to post a lady with many spread pussy shots I’d probably post it directly to the forum although I do like to sneak one across the desk from time to time. For this reason I think the nude category is maybe not as nude as some would like.

  14. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Gneitalia covers both the internal and external parts of the sexual organs—although in shadow, they’re visible in the last pic at least.

    Luke wrote:
    If a lady is fully naked but facing away from the camera is she not nude? Or would you have to see her bumhole? or would that not make any difference?

    She may be nude, but if no ‘naughty bits’ are visible in the photo, it’s implied.

  15. Avatar of taipan

    Dr. Lee,

    You guys must have the brightness of your monitors turned up extra high! :) Even with my iMac turned up to max, the model’s groin was still sufficiently in shadow as to not discern any visible signs of genitalia. So I imported the image in Aperture and adjusted the shadows setting and yes, I see genitalia (i.e. labia majora)!

    At the risk of coming across as a pedantic prick, genitalia does indeed cover both internal and external parts of the reproductive organs. Internal parts include ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and uterus but I don’t ever expect to see these within the models’ profiles featured within Asian Sirens! :D The terms “nude” and “naked” are synonymous to me. I don’t need to see a model’s “pink bits” to regard her as naked – she simply should appear without clothes. If an image only shows the top half of a nude model, then a tag of “topless” is appropriate. When I see the “fully nude” tag, I interpret it to mean I’ll see one or more images of the model not wearing clothes (i.e. naked), both top and bottom. A discussion could be had as to whether the distinction should be made between a “frontal nude” or something else. But I’m happy to stick with “topless” and “fully nude” tags. They work just fine for me :)

  16. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I use Macs with standard brightness, but I do have very sharp eyes. :)

    Like I said, this post was a borderline case—it definitely could have gone under semi-nude, but I felt the preponderance of naked buttocks combined with one or two (barely) visible genitalia just pushed it into fully nude.