Yui Misaki

There are two AV idols named Yui Misaki out there and both are quite attractive, but today is this Yui’s day.

Yui started in AV back around 2010 and is still active with well over 40 movies to her credit. From what I’ve seen she pushes the boundaries a little further than many of the girls in JAV. Born 1989/7/24, Yui is 5’1″ (156cm) tall and weighs 112lbs (51kg), with measurements of 38-23-34″ (96-58-86 cm). Her breasts are claimed to be the real deal—sometimes it’s best not to question and just enjoy.




  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    RW’s implied cynicism is certainly on the money—no way are those natural! But they are nice, as is the rest of her I must say.

  2. Basho’s avatar

    Lovely. I do love a Japanese lady. But pictures 2 and 3? Maybe are a different Yui.

  3. Avatar of Luke


    It can be hard to tell at times, but I think the girl in the gimp mask is different too ;)

  4. Avatar of Seems

    Unfortunately, she’s an example of why I don’t generally care for JAV. She just looks too much like a blow-up doll for my tastes.

  5. j smith’s avatar

    Amazing simply amazing :{)

  6. Avatar of SRA

    Breathtakingly gorgeous, a stunning siren to brighten up my Sunday morning!
    I must review some of her work…