Phan Nhu Thao

Phan is a lovely young woman whose participation on Asia’s Next Top Model served as a big boost to her career, even though she was voted out fairly early.

The career-minded Phan went to Ho Chi Minh City after graduating high school to work on a college degree in marketing. To support herself she worked part-time as a model and slowly began to gain notice. Beginning her pageant career, she made the top 10 in Miss Vietnam World 2007, top 5 in Vietnam Supermodel 2008, and runner-up in the Miss Vietnam 2011 Global Contest before her appearance on the 2014 cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model. Phan also had to endure a bit of public scrutiny when she married a lawyer 26 years older than herself. Some people just don’t understand true love.

Year of birth: 1987 or ’88
Height: 5’6″ (173cm)
Measurements: 33-23-35″ (84-60-90cm)



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    Absolutely WoWeee!!!…and Yummee too!

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    She has a lot of different looks.

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    I’m with arf. She’s yummy! If she got voted off early, I’d love to see her competition!

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    very pretty! esp on the colour pics.

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    OK, that was so going to be my comment. Let me add that I like them all.

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    Nice legs, But she is is all legs & the rest…. ho hum.

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    She’s pretty good! And that pic with her sitting naked on a pipe right out of Super Mario Bros. is as hot as it is hilarious.
    To quote Mario himself, “Mamma Mia!”

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    She has too many plastic surgery done. Every pic is different because she is different from all the time she’s gone under the knife along with heavy make up and photo shopping. The one pic on the bike is her most natural and pre surgery look. She looks like any other homely girl you see in Asia.