Lin Se Yee

We haven’t had any girls featured from the Black Alley in a while, so here’s Lin to rectify that.

AKA Shing Wing Shan, Sutti Dawongarrn, Ae, Ae Suttida, Suttida Wonggarn, Joy Janjira, Janjira Tanawan, Ae Suttida, Suttida Wonggarn, Joy Janjira, Janjira Tanawan, and Poon Wai Kwan, Bangkok-born Lin is a porn star who began her career back in 2002 and is still active. I wonder how many footsteps all that motion converts to? I’m guessing most of the brethren will prefer her pre-boob job. If I had my druthers I’d say I’m more of an “as needed” type of guy, and when it is needed, my own personal anesthetic is along the lines of the Japanese natural look. That being the case, Lin’s are a little too artificial looking for me.

DOB: 1981/27/11
Height: 5’4″ (162cm)
Weight: 97lbs (44kg)
Measurements: 34B-24-35″ (86-61-89cm)

Gallery 1
Gallery 2



  1. Avatar of maruchiman

    cute Asian ass……..I wouldn’t throw her out of bed.

  2. ferreterobat’s avatar

    a marvelous woman…. ¡

  3. Avatar of Luke

    I gotta say I think the boob job is a big improvement.

  4. Avatar of Seems

    Other than one or two pics, I have to confess she’s not terribly remarkable either with or without the implants. But when she smiles she’s kind of cute.

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Can’t believe she hasn’t been featured here before. Cute smile and a great ass!

    A few more examples of her fine butt:

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I changed the image embeds to links—unfortunately since Google forced us to go https, non-https image embeds won’t display inline any more.