Anna Craft

Anna was a fine looking model in her younger days.

She’s still quite attractive as a more mature woman, although the amount of work she’s had done might turn some people off.

If I recall correctly, Anna met her husband, a doctor, in a hospital gift shop. It was love at first sight. He immediately wanted to go all Dr. Frankenstein on her, but she resisted for years until, after the birth of their children, she began to have second thoughts. Now she’s had the boobs jobbed, the bum lifted and implanted, the body contoured, and the abdomen and waist sculpted, to go along with the Botox and the cheeks and lips filled. Anna is 44 now and looks good, albeit “worked-on”. I’m certainly not against some help when it’s really needed, but something about the whole story made me feel a bit like her husband Pygmalion’’d her.

I’m not sure of her ethnicity so I guessed Korean.



  1. Avatar of Luke

    That opening shot is banging, her husband sounds like a dick!

  2. Avatar of Seems

    I’m with Luke. Love the original, don’t care for the rebuild.

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    I could be absolutely wrong but from the story on one of those TV magazine shows my initial reaction was I’d like to bitch-slap her husband off his feet. But, if she’s happy then…

  4. Avatar of bthomas

    I like it all

  5. Avatar of arf

    she looks good to me too

  6. Avatar of DeepSky

    I think she looks really hot with the dark tanned look and the low cut black dress in the 3rd shot.

  7. Avatar of bthomas


    I really like her look. she has a very sexy and mature persona.