Christiana is a girl I found on Instagram.

She is beautiful and seems to be a model but I really can’t tell you much more. I’m not even sure of her ethnicity—the details are really elusive.

She got married to a very lucky dude this year who seems to be punching well above his weight but what do I know, he may be really rich. I do know that she looks amazing and I wanted to share the photos with you all so here she is, bonus points to anyone who can fill in any of the blanks.



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    she is vietnamese

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    she was featured way back in 2013. happy to see her again

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    very pretty

  4. Avatar of Luke

    Yeah that’s her, I must have missed that one or not checked well enough. Thanks Redlaw. Candyman is sorely missed, he did much better with the info than I.

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    redlaw wrote:
    she is vietnamese

    Thanks Redlaw—updated.


    Yep, I really miss Candyman too: his posts were always thoroughly researched and perfectly formatted—made my job easy. :) Anybody know what happened to him?

  6. arpy’s avatar

    Redlaw is not the only one who recognized her from her previous appearance here. I was impressed with her photos then, the majority of which I found by search after seeing her at AS. The blond look was an intriguing one that worked well for her, and many of these with black hair are even better.

    I wonder if I saw her crossing the street in a white bikini in Laguna Beach CA a year or few before the 2013 post. Slim blond Vietnamese in a white bikini, great looking two ladies or one.

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    oh my, she is smoking hot. Looking at her pics too long may cause me to have an MI, myocardial infarc.

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    That first pic is mesmerizing. Lovely Siren!

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    The first image is everything that AS is about; a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman.

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    Loved her before and still do. very pretty woman