Alex Filippides

Alex is not a professional photographer.

Rather, he says, it’s a passion of his and that’s how he’s going to keep it. With models this beautiful, please do! Alex is from Greece, but has lived in numerous countries from England to Indonesia and a few in between. Currently living in Bali, you’ve seen his excellent work in some of our previously featured sirens, and the very first beauty in this post is his wife, who also appears in several other photos in the post. Some guys just have too much luck.

If you have the time, it behooves you to peruse the gallery link—there are some beautiful women featured.




  1. Lee’s avatar

    Bloody good work there, and some very beautiful ladies to work with.

  2. Avatar of rahbka

    Can’t say it any better than Lee.

  3. Avatar of Seems

    Dammmnnnnnnn! Lucky indeed!

  4. Avatar of Luke

    I’m thoroughly behooved, what a stunning Missus and great photography. Great stuff :D

  5. boris’s avatar

    Comrades, Alex is a very lucky man.

  6. Avatar of ProfAbe

    he has a fine sense of booty shots

  7. Avatar of Tbone

    Beautiful ladies and nice photography.

  8. marc’s avatar

    For a non professional, some excellent work. And undeniably a lucky fellow.