Kylie Mar

I’m pretty sure I first noticed Kylie online.

…And I’m glad I did.

Kylie (DOB 1988/12/1) has done a bit of acting, but is principally known as an on-air reporter for Made in Hollywood, where she gets to interview A-list celebrities, and often appears on a local Los Angeles newscast as a Made in Hollywood correspondent. She’s also the lead anchor of Complex Hustle, a lifestyle network for young entrepreneurs. I had trouble digging up her ethnicity—all I found was Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander/mixed race. Half Filipina? When Kylie isn’t doing the reporting thing she’s hitting the gym, training for a half marathon or doing fashion and looking good.




  1. Kanye West’s avatar

    Imma gonna dump Kim for this magandang babae!!!! Gotta get her to interview me soon…

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    Lovely pilipina! or southeast Asian pacific woman

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    Kanye West,

    LOL! :D

    She is indeed very fine—can anyone nail her ethnicity?

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    Dr. Lee wrote:
    Kanye West,

    LOL!” alt=”:D”>

    She is indeed very fine—can anyone nail her ethnicity?

    Haha, can anyone nail her? Wait, what? Oh, oops.