Fedex32 is a photographer whose pictures capture some lovely ladies including many fine Asian Sirens, some of whom have featured on our pages previously.

Joey covers cosplay, outdoor and studio stuff, and often has an Asian theme even if the model doesn’t appear Asian. He has photographed some smoking hot ladies and he also has some adult material that you can find at his Deviant Art account.

Model Mayhem
Deviant Art



  1. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Not a bad one seen! All sirens. Damn! I should have been a photographer!

  2. jjsmith’s avatar

    The essence of Asian beauty captured.

  3. Avatar of arf

    Agree!…everyone of these women are beautiful.

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    You realize it’s cruel and unusual punishment that the lovely models pictured here aren’t identified? However, one of my favorites is this one, who is listed as Miss Holly and may be Holly Cruz but I couldn’t find any more photos of her. So cute!

  5. Avatar of Luke


    I think I can tell you most… well some at least.