Chiyoko Morinaga

Chiyoko was in AV actress with a very brief career.

Brief in that it only lasted four movies (from 1989 to 1990), before disappearing into the ether, which makes them a rather sought after commodity for collectors. Said to be noted for the “kubire” between her hips, waist and breasts (that must have something to do with proportions), Chiyoko strikes me as the “girl next door” who’s just pretty enough, but when she peels off her clothes your jaw hits the ground.

DOB: 1969-2-28
Height: 5’4″ (160cm)
Measurements: 33-23-34″ (83-58-87cm)


Gallery 1
Gallery 2

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  1. Avatar of rahbka

    I remember her fondly. Pretty woman. Nice body.

  2. Seoul Music’s avatar

    kubire = small waist fetish…

  3. Avatar of Paperfolder

    Thank you Romanticwarrior! She is just wonderful! I doubled my collection today.
    Here’s another gallery link….

  4. Clive R’s avatar

    Very solid choice.

  5. Avatar of Luke

    She is fantastic :D

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Jaw hitting ground now.