The meaning of the K–Pop girl group’s name, Black Pink, is that the color pink is commonly used to portray prettiness, but BlackPink means to say that pretty isn’t everything, and also symbolizes that this is a group that is not only beautiful but talented. Very deep.

The entertainment conglomerate behind it all began promotional preparation for BlackPink back in 2012 (who knew that talent required that long an incubation period?) with the final lineup and name revealed last June, and the group making its debut last August. Their first two releases set records for exploding up the charts, and within weeks of their debut the endorsement deals started rolling in, with Reebok amongst them. All the girls are between 19 and 21 and are Korean (“Rose” was born in New Zealand and raised in Melbourne), except Lisa who is Thai.


Kim Jisoo aka Jisoo

Jennie Kim aka Jennie

Roseanne Park aka Rose

Lalisa Manobal aka Lisa




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    Four quite cute/pretty young women displaying sexy choreography. Works for me. Jennie is my favorite, but they all are fine. :D

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    They are cute but god they look very young, it is probably a reflection on me getting old :(

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    They’re all so hot and talented…but are they J-Pop or K-Pop?

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    Oops, I should have spotted that typo! Fixed :)

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    They just set a new most views in 24 hours record on YouTube.

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    Dr. Lee,

    We’re usually a little bit ahead of the curve.