Wanda Tai

Wanda Tai is another Black Alley girl.

Wanda, AKA Kendy Lam, Ren Lee, Susanna Wong, Jupjang Bunrugsa, Jang Jiranee,  is an adult model, and from what I’ve read has done a few naughty movies, apart from the solo variety. I know some of our esteemed readers get a bit nervous with many Thai girls, as they fret there may be an unwanted surprise waiting to jump out at them. After looking at her photos I can say that’s not the case with Wanda. Unless… eh… ah… Photoshop?… DOH!



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    The only thing that makes me nervous is getting my eyes poked out with those nips.

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    Uh, black alley girl? Sorry, not up on my slang. Meaning?

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    Very Very Nice!…that last pic is just so inviting!

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    and those legs and thighs…so creamy and delicious!

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    The kind of girl black guys do in an alley! No, just kidding man. The Black Alley is a website featuring nude Asian models (mostly Thai) and sometimes softcore porn:


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    Oh, and another great free resource:


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    Awesome, super hottest babe on internet.