ScanLover Forum Closes, Asian Sirens Forum Opens

2016/10/14 UPDATE: Our forum is now (finally) live!

UPDATE: ScanLover 2.0 is now up, and the old site has (thankfully) been archived rather than taken down (at least for now). As it is not what it used to be though—and it would be a very useful addition to AS—we are still going ahead with our own forum (and thankfully I will still have a few mods from the old site helping me out).

Assuming it isn’t a late April Fool’s joke (and they’ve pulled off some legendary ones in the past), perhaps the biggest resource for free pics of Asian girls on the net—the ScanLover forum—will be closing tomorrow.

Which brings us back to Asian Sirens. Since setting up the new site, it has always been my intention to add a forum, with the objective of making us a ‘one-stop shop’ for all things related to Asian women. However, I hadn’t yet done this for two reasons: (1) I would need extra mods and (2) ScanLover was already doing such a good job of it anyway. ScanLover’s closure obviously invalidates issue (2), and has presented an opportunity to solve issue (1) as well, so I’ve decided to do it now.

Unfortunately due to the very short notice and other commitments, I haven’t been able to get the forum up just yet, but I hope to have it up very soon. In the mean time, I’m putting up this post to both announce ScanLover’s closure and to give everyone—from both ScanLover itself and Asian Sirens too—a place to discuss exactly how we should go about it. Please feel free to give us your input, and look out for another post to announce when our forum actually does go up very soon.



  1. Avatar of Luke

    Good luck Doc, it’s a massive undertaking. Scanlover is a huge loss, it was the source of a lot of the material I used in my posts.

    Will the daily posts go ahead or do you imagine the format will change into more of a scanlover type page with the multiple categories?

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I probably should have made that clear: nothing about the existing site will change (apart from some improvements to the social networking features). We will still post on the blog every day as we have been. The forum is an addition to the blog, not a replacement.

  3. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    Excellent, I like being able to land and everything is already done for me. It’s a bonus that there will be even more stuff to explore and enjoy. Can’t wait :)

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    The fate of many a lover of Asian women rests largely on your shoulders Dr. Lee…but NO PRESSURE!

    Seriously, SLF was invaluable – anti-matter, californium, diamonds. tritium – that’s all chump change compared to the value produced by the posters over there. Rob232, MSU, Paperfolder and ferreterobat were among my favorites. I never did get around to exploring it’s vast reaches. If I didn’t have AS to come home to I might do myself harm.

    May AS continue to flourish, pump our hearts and speed the blood through our veins!

  5. eisuke’s avatar

    first was sweatpig… now scanlover…2016 is on a roll in taking legendary figures and institutions like SLF away… that forum was kinda like a household name for me in regards to the latest JAV, artists, gravure etc. no one can really fill the void it had left us…

    but with that said, there is still hope especially now that Asian Sirens is gonna take up the mantle of continuing (?) what scanlover-san had done and we will wait with bated breath for the new forum…

  6. Avatar of smellykev

    Any chance you might be putting up a free downloads page? I’m not talking pictures or videos. I mean the actual ladies themselves. I’m not sure where I’d store them, or even if I have enough internet band with, but it would sure beat ordering pizzas online.

    If the technical issues of asian-siren-teleport-downloads are too difficult to overcome at this stage, I do have access to a 3D printer at the university. Perhaps I can download just the CAD files for hot Asian women and print my own?


  7. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    As is the case now, all the pics on the forum will be freely downloadable.

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19


    I have dibs on SHL circa 2000.

  9. Avatar of Goldy

    Hope will be free and smoth like old SLF.
    I wish you Good luck and hope do be continue journey in AS.
    #RIP SLF

  10. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Oh yes, I can definitely guarantee that. :)

  11. Avatar of Saidai

    SL has built up quite a following with a large library of topics but the best thing about SL was it’s simplicity in presentation. Best of luck in your new undertaking and hopefully you be able to improve on an already good product.

  12. lane99’s avatar

    Good on you for this. The spirit of Scanlover Forum must live on. There’s nothing else close to it on the internet.

  13. Avatar of renzop

    Info: Scanlover is alive as new service, ducussion based, and u can access it on: and also the old board will stay online for backups for a while for now.

  14. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks—I have updated my post to reflect this.

  15. Pisomojado’s avatar

    Dr, I urge you to continue with your plans for a forum. If you aren’t aware, Scanlover 2 is discussion ONLY with no image sets allowed:

    What’s the new SLF 2.0 Direction?
    For now, this forum will focus purely on discussions.
    - There shall be NO posting of torrents here
    - There shall be NO posting of image sets.
    - There shall be NO postings of amateur girls (leaked photos, ex-girlfriends etc.)

  16. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yep, it is certainly my intention to continue with this.

  17. Avatar of malau

    Wow ! I didn’t know Asian Sirens was still a thing ? Has it been around since 2000 or something ? It feels like it. I remember this site when I was at Uni.

    I didn’t know Doc Lee was the boss here too ? Your wife is an official Scanlover Goddess ! Wow ! Small world !

    I would definitely trust anything Doc Lee does over the new unofficial abortion of a site.

  18. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I wasn’t the boss back then, but he sold the original .com domain a few years ago and I rebuilt the site on a new software platform here at .net.

  19. Avatar of renzop

    Dr. Lee,

    any ETA for ur forum?

  20. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I’m hoping next week. Unfortunately I have to do some BTS upgrades before I put it up, and I’ve had some real world dramas to deal with. :)

  21. Avatar of renzop

    forum still not up?

  22. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Unfortunately not—see the follow-up comments to my announcement here. I’ve found that as I’m doing the upgrades I keep thinking of ways to make the site better, but I’ve set an absolute deadline of August the 1st so I don’t keep tinkering forever. :)

    I’m intending to beta test the forum next week—I’ll message you when it’s ready.

  23. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    As per my latest announcement, I was ready to launch the forum today, but I discovered a couple of nasty bugs in the software I’m using for it, which I really wasn’t expecting at all given how widely used it is. I’ll need another week or so to fix this before launch—sorry!

  24. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    Really excited to see it, I imagine it’s a helluva a lot of work.

  25. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Hell yes, especially the social stuff! Also, the bugs and lack of integration between different things is really frustrating, but it’s also very satisfying when you get it working. If I do my job properly though users won’t notice all the work that’s gone into it—everything should just work smoothly and consistently.

  26. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    The bugs in relation to the new forum have now been identified and squashed, however it will require me to rework a lot of the related software. Unfortunately this will require at least another week or so to complete—my sincere apologies.

  27. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Our forum is finally ready—I can say that with absolute certainty as I finished it last night! However, I need a few days rest before launch, and I still need mods for it—if you think you’re qualified and you have the time, please contact me.

  28. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Our forum is now (finally) live!

  29. Avatar of Oldieslover

    Scanlover Forum has moved into historical perspective for me. Scanlover and Dyka remain friends of mine as we have moved on from SLF. Not sure people are aware, Scanlover built a huge business of his own during 10 years while playing with forum. Dyka teaches English in Korea while becoming quite the rapper. Dyka’s father and I chat quite a bit given our atheist and anti-Trump interests. As for me, I had a lot of business building of my own back then. SLF in my opinion started losing it’s edge as it was built and became almost on cruise control. I feel it finally came down to Scanlover wanting to close SLF because he felt it was best all the way around. I’m delighted Doc has picked up the torch. I know how much time and energy it takes to drive a forum like this.

  30. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks for your perspective Oldies, that’e very interesting! Oddly though, it seems the new SLF has picked up pretty much all the traffic from the old site—although we have great contributors here (and I think our forum is much better than SLF 2.0), we haven’t been able to pick up much traffic so far.

    I made ScanLover aware of my intentions at the time—I was hoping he would assist me in transitioning the forum to here, but for some reason he didn’t go for it.

  31. Avatar of Oldieslover

    I’m not quite sure what involvement Scanlover has with SLF 2.0. He never mentions it. I’ll have to ask him. I haven’t looked at it in a long time. I’ll take a look. If I can do something with him to draw traffic from SLF 2.0, I’ll see if I can. Back in early days of SLF, there were no PORNHubs and such with Asian content and what existed was weak. SLF torrents drew tons from traffic. Image sets came from that traffic with many members posting 10,000+ posts. After some initial staff issues, we somehow developed one hell of a Staff. I forget exact member base numbers, but it was probably around 50,000. Scanlover towards the end was so busy he probably didn’t pay attention to your request. He also had a growing family demanding his time. Oh yes, our infamous April Fools jokes came from him. He has a great sense of humor. lol

  32. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Oldieslover wrote:
    Oh yes, our infamous April Fools jokes came from him. He has a great sense of humor. lol

    Oh yeah, those April Fools jokes were awesome! We joined in with one of them.