Mami Katagiri

Not much needs to be said about what sets Mami apart from the rest.

Mami Katagiri (also known as Milk Kurumi for obvious reasons) was a Japanese AV and nude model born in Chiba on November 10, 1970, who was active during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Stat-wise she’s listed at 5’4″ (1.64m) tall, with measurements of 36D-24-35 (93D-62-90cm), and weighing in at 114lb (52kg). For me, Mami falls into the same category as Anna Ohura… too much of a good thing. I think someone may disagree with me. You bet I do! —the Doc

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  1. Dirtcheap’s avatar

    I have followed this site for a long time but not made comments… To be honest I am tired of seeing these JAV girls from so many years ago especially this one. She is only remarkable in the fact that she is big breasts, which I am not into but other than I do not find her attractive at all please find more modern girls.

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    You seem to be ignoring the fact that not everyone shares your taste, and we do feature a ‘more modern’ girl every other day, just as we always have. We try to cater to all tastes in Asian women here.

    For me, Mami is the classic of classics: the one who got me into Japanese girls and BlueBird scans all those years ago. Now we just have to feature the other big bust classic, Miki Sawaguchi.

  3. Avatar of KalifoJin

    M Katagiri has some splendid assets well worth commenting on. She is so notable because, to the eye, knowing nothing of her personality, she looks to be a fairly typical Japanese Woman, even a type seen in a lot of China, yet what she wears under her chin is not common anywhere, really. Something to live for, days and nights with those sub-tropicals in your face.

  4. tomk1488’s avatar

    The model is truly a classic. More classics should be featured.

  5. Avatar of QuantumForce

    The next to last image is a rotated version of picture #12 (note the gravity-defying hair).

    Unfortunately, Mami doesn’t do much for me — I’m not much into giant boobs (although it really depends on the boobs), her areola are too big for my taste and there’s too much crease/overhang in her ‘neathage. Plus, S&M is a big turn-off.

    That being said, I do like petite (5’4″ and below) bodies and ponytails with bangs. ;)

  6. Avatar of Philip_Beans

    Um…sorry, what? Did you guys say something?

    I was too fixated on her breasts….

  7. Avatar of puffadder

    Just discovered this site !!! and WOW I’m in heaven.

    Can’t stop thinking about asian girls after my trip to China this summer :P

  8. Avatar of The-Dean

    Let me just say I LOVE these retro posts from Romaticwarrior.

    With that said, this girl isn’t for me—but so what? Different strokes (so to speak) for different folks.

    It’s hard for me to understand why someone would make their FIRST post on this site a complaint. Really?

  9. Dirtcheap’s avatar

    Sorry folks I’m just not into her at all, I guess I tend to go for more better portioned girls, I am married to hot little number from China! I’m into nice curves all around and if it’s more the a handful I feel it’s a bit much… But just me… Also never really followed the JAV girls. I like the Chinese, Korean and viet girls mostly… But the Koreans usually have had a ton of work done which I am not a fan of either. I prefer natural beauty and I like very well trimmed privates not a fan of uncontrollable bush…

  10. Avatar of ssn

    I am all for the classics…and she is interesting.

  11. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I’m not sure that her breasts will look all that great now, but they sure looked nice back then.

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Oh, and nice that a lovely lady is again the first thing that I see when entering Asian Sirens.

  13. Avatar of The-Dean


    It’s not a problem to have your particular tastes. I also wasn’t a fan of this girl. But to make your fist post a “stop featuring these JAV girls” seems a bit over-the-top, IMO. Maybe you should have posted on a few you liked, first, to build up a little credibility. Plenty of the previously posted JAV girls have been very well proportioned with bushes just the way you like.

    Just IMO of course.

  14. Dirtcheap’s avatar

    Ok, you guys made me dig for this, your right, maybe this was not my great first post… however, I started following this site (on the old site) because you guys featured and friend of mine, while we were not super close we partied with our extended group of friends on a regular basis for several years, and by that i mean just plan old clubbing nothing more. I always thought she was super sexy and despite her tiny size very well portioned and i was taken at the time. so here it is from Nov. 12, 2008…, while you got most of the info right about her… not all. I will not go into further detail as I know she is out of the biz now… and this was only known by a handful of people in our group. No, I never hooked up with her… and yes, she went a bit far with ink and has gone even further now with ink… to each their own… but lately there as been a massive influx of old school JAV stars on the site, and I tell you my biggest pep peeve of them all is the high waist thongs!!! that has to go haha!! and to put the matter to rest… she is 100% Viet…

  15. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    I don’t know from your post what one thing has to do with the other. Here’s the thing about the retro girls, I’m posting the JAVGravure/etc. girls just because I have a ton of them on old discs (and they will run out) and it’s something to look at on days when there would otherwise be a lull and it helps give Luke a bit of a breather and HE is the current posting champ. The-Dean is right, instead of being a complainer who just consumes be a producer. If not that then on days it’s a retro girl, as you go to click on AS – Stop! – Go take a nap (that way you won’t get tired of looking at them- and come back the next day for more “modern” girls. Simple solution.

  16. Avatar of Luke

    Wow I remember Xuan Vy she is damn sexy!

    I have to say RW’s posts are a godsend, due to different work circumstances I don’t have the time to post as much so the alternative would probably be nothing, not to mention they are some very sexy ladies. The added bonus is they seem to mostly be really nude and who doesn’t love that!

    It’s interesting how the fashion changes with things like the high thong and the styles of boob jobs and pubic trimming or even tattoos. Also the soft focus seems to have been big but not so much now. I guess these things go full circle in time and I find my tastes change as well.

    I think Doc, RW, CEC all do a great job, as did Candyman and Travis. It’s pretty much a labor of love but we’re all here for the same reason, to appreciate beautiful Asian women. Not all of the girls will appeal to everyone but that’s OK. I encourage anyone to have a go at bringing some to the table, the more posters the greater the variety and that’s what makes this place great, and remember to comment too, even if we don’t agree it all adds to the experience :)

  17. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Very well said.

  18. Avatar of KalifoJin

    Welcome to the bible, puffadder.

    And yes, RW and team, I’m going to tip my card for you. I had debt restructuring this year so it wont be much, but the request is way legit.

  19. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks! Even a small donation will help us to cover the costs of running this site.