Throwback Thursday – January 1981 Penthouse Pet, Suzee Pai

Asian-American model-turned-actress Suzee Pai has the distinction of being Penthouse magazine’s first Asian Pet of the Month, as well as their first Asian cover girl, since she also graced her Pet issue’s cover (above).

After her appearance as the January 1981 Pet of the Month, Suzee went on to an acting career that lasted through to the early 90s, with her most notable role as Miao Yin in 1986′s now-cult classic Big Trouble in Little China. Her last known film role was in the 1993 TV movie Extralarge: Ninja Shadow and she now resides in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file.

The following images are scans from Suzee’s complete centerfold layout from the January 1981 US edition of Penthouse. Since this issue hit the newsstands late in 1980, and Suzee’s listed date of birth is August 8th, 1962, she was just barely 18 at the time of the shoot.

As as trivial bonus, here’s then barely 22-year old Suzee, looking very sweet and domestic, in a small role as a pregnant patient of Dr. Huxtable’s on a 1984 episode of the The Cosby Show.

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  1. Avatar of Luke

    Great film and this lady is as stunning as I remember her at the time. The Penthouse photography is kinda bad, but I like it ;)

  2. johnsmith’s avatar

    She is a beautiful lady with a ass-kicken bod. She work with Cosby? We know what he was examining. ;)

  3. CEC’s avatar

    Yeah funny, she’s the second Asian lady from my “Whatever Happened to..?” file who had a small role on Cosby Show episode.

  4. Don’s avatar

    Wonder if Bill banged her like all of the other women on that show

  5. gunnar’s avatar

    hot babe! but she doesn’t look very asian, i take it she’s mixed, at least half?

  6. takko’s avatar

    Oh yes!! The hot asian girl with the green eyes from “Big Trouble In Little China”!!

  7. Avatar of Elric

    She was a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles right before the Penthouse shoot.

  8. CEC’s avatar


    No way. I’d have to see some proof before I’d believe that one.

    First off, as I mentioned, according to her date of birth on her bios, Suzee was barely 18 when she did her Penthouse shoot. Even if Suzee was an Eagles cheerleader just before her Penthouse shoot (and I’m still laughing about that one); NFL cheerleading squads usually hold tryouts and choose their cheerleaders around April. Suzee was still 17 in April of 1980 and NFL cheerleading squads aren’t in the habit of having underage girls on their squads.