You Are the One 非诚勿扰

We have been posting a few Asian based TV shows recently and adcmelb pointed out this one that some of you may like…

You Are the One screens on SBS in Australia and is one of my wife’s favourite shows—as she works nights it is rare to battle over the remote, but this is the only show she insists on watching and I have to say it really irritates me.

The premise is for Chinese men to come before a panel of ladies and put forward their case for a date. There is often some really beautiful ladies, and the man will select one. Then through a process of videos and questions the panel eliminates themselves before hopefully a couple remain and a date may go ahead. There is a panel of three hosts who add their opinions to the mix to spice things up and elicit better responses from the contestants.

Have a look and see what you think. I have seen an Anglo American male as a contestant who was fluent in Chinese (Mandarin?) and the video below has an Italian man trying his luck, so it is not outside the realms of possibility that anyone of you could get an opportunity to snatch a potential bride. The American didn’t get any of the girls accepting a date though so you may need to have something extra special in your video package. ;)



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    You guys need to watch VS ARASHI

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    Its a show you either like or hate – the guys sometimes make complete fools of themselves, argue with the girls or get lucky. Its an interesting look at how young Chinese women have changed since the westernizing of the economy. Lastly watching the western contestants and how they have gotten by in the modern China.

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    Great point. It’s interesting to watch evolution of Chinese women. From drab Mao suit to long-legged sirens in a generation, or two. I work with several attractive 40-something Chinese women & their American-born daughters are uniformly beautiful. Mothers have some rough edges, but access to better medical care, better food & better fashion worked miracles on their offspring.

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    I know a couple of girls who have been on the show, it filmed not far from where I live. Famously it has exposed just how money hungry some girls are in China. The bluntness of some questions is amazing. How many houses you own? How much money you make? When it’s less than a really high wage, the declines go crazy. One model, who became famous was asked about happiness and replied, “I would rather cry in the back seat of a BMW than laugh on the back of your bicycle”. It created a lot of talk in China.

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    know this guy, a couple white dudes i know have even been on it. pretty dull.
    the girls are sometimes hot, but theyre terrible. they only care about how rich the dudes are. china is doomed.