We get a few suggestions through on TV or web based shows that feature Asian Sirens, and Fozworth alerted us to this one that I really like.

Tara Ramos hosts a web based DIY show, mainly focusing on ways to fix up your car. TVTara explains in a very practical sense the means and difficulties of home customizing. Tara does it all herself, looking pretty good while she goes about things, and if she can do it surely you can… (joke but I think they are playing up to my built-in misogynist).

I am not really into cars and stuff but I can happily watch Tara talk me through the processes, and the amateurish quality is endearing. It is good to see a girl stretch themselves rather than just do a video of a three minute sexy dance. Check out her channel for more videos. Thanks Fozzy :)



  1. John smith’s avatar

    This is great, a how to video and a hot Asian girl. Two of my favorites together like peanut butter and jelly.

  2. Fozworth’s avatar

    Sweet! You featured my suggestion! :-)

  3. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Beautiful, great smile, sexy and appears to have a brain. Plus she could help me finish all of the projects I’ve started or dreamed of starting.

  4. Avatar of Luke


    Always happy to get suggestions Fozzy, keep them coming ;)

  5. TV Tara’s avatar


    Wow, my YouTube channel showed I was getting lots of views through this link! I must say that I’m shocked but flattered to be an Asian Siren!
    Thanks to Fozworth for suggesting me and Luke for featuring me! :)

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    TV Tara,

    You’re very welcome Tara! I’m glad we gave your traffic a boost—we usually do. :)