Sharina Gutierrez

Sharina Gutierrez has been modeling since she was 14. She’s Filipina, 5’10″, and now 23 or 24 years old. That’s a long time on the scene, and by now, chances are you’ve seen her somewhere without realizing it. Now you see her here. It’s amazing how that works.

Naked Lady

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  1. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    I think I like her more sans the make-up. Her body is insane!

  2. Fozworth’s avatar

    What Romanticwarrior said. I was about to give her thumbs-down based on that 1st overly-done makeup pix, but it got much better as I scrolled down.

  3. Avatar of HidyHo

    Filipina with long and lean frame and flat stomach … thumbs up!

  4. Avatar of arf

    Holy Guacamole! Body like a superhero.

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  6. William’s avatar


  7. Avatar of Luke

    William sums it up pretty well :)
    Travis you are still the master!

  8. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Hot bod.

    I’ve never seen a Filipina 5’10″ or anything close to that.

  9. Nik2’s avatar

    I think we have a Siren of 2015 here…

  10. Avatar of wylde8

    She’s the hottest girl I’ve seen on AS in quite a while.

  11. ProfAbe’s avatar

    Dying to see what photos came next. What a beauty!

  12. Avatar of IeatCows

    This gentlemen, is first-rate! Brilliant.

  13. Avatar of jus4fun

    That flat tummy… oh my!

  14. infoberg’s avatar

    Her body is even more amazing considering that she has a son!