On My Way To Meet You

Rex recommended we have a look at On My Way To Meet You, a TV show out of South Korea.

Bizarre, funny and heart breaking, the show’s premise is to get beautiful defectors from North Korea to tell stories and participate in games along with a selection of comedians as hosts.

The girls are pretty, the hosts/comedians are funny and it is all good natured, but then the kicker is the girls revealing stories of their previous lives under the strict regime of the DPRK. They give a real insight into the difficulties faced on a daily basis, and if that isn’t bad enough, towards the end of the show a guest is given the opportunity to appeal for information for lost family members. It is harrowing stuff. Read more about it here, here and here.



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    Thank you

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    This is a very informative and socially significant post. Do any of the North Korean women like young white guys?

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    No. You are all bourgoi capitalist dogs.

    But on a serious note (and a political one… I usually hate this kind of thing). if there was ever a reason for the need to be vigilant against what I call creeping socialism… this is it. In the UK most people are socialist in polite circles. It’s seen as being kind. But there are also some rabid socialists too. if you don’t agree with them they denounce you as a fascist (even though I’m as dead centre a liberal as there ever was).

    The only country where I have been followed and had my phone tapped is a communist one. I don’t trust them and if you need more proof of the horrors of communism, watch “camp 14″. Truly horrific.

    I apologise if this is off topic but I can’t help myself sometimes.

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    Socialism (ala Sweden) doesn’t equate to or lead to communism. Which is a good thing because I can’t think of a single good example of a communist state.

    In related news, did you see that North Korea has declared an Ebola quarantine? Truly bizarre, even by DPRK standards.

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    This ties right in to the general reputation (as far as I can tell, exaggerated) North Korean women have for being beautiful among the South Koreans. But it keeps them on their toes all dolled up!

    The north is an unworkable system doomed to certain failure, but my concern is the collateral damage it will do on the way down. Maybe it won’t tho, maybe just a sudden implosion, but the humanitarian problems are going to be challenging. No wonder the South has dedicated agencies doing nothing but planning for this.

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    My suggestion ,was to let all know ,what hell that must be NK. The pretty gals are the the propaganda ,but all true . I don’t known about NK gals vs SK gals. You see this and you think all must be free. Just talking