I expect I’ll get pulled up for an error on this one but MOKO girl Momozoo is a cutie.

Momozoo is her MOKO name, the only other name I get is Jasmine Palace which seems a bit strange. The written Chinese is 宫茉莉, 宫 means palace, 茉莉 means jasmine, so this is more like palace jasmine. But this is an artist name, or 宫 could actually be a surname, and 茉莉 a given name in which case the name would be Gong Moli. Special thanks to Gunnar with the help translating and explanation.

She caught my attention with her photos dressing up as some sort of animal, in fact my dogs must be getting a bit nervous as these girls are awakening an animal fetish in me. I wonder if she licks herself clean. ;)

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  1. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    I get a generic but pleasant vibe from her.

  2. Avatar of MrJasonLOL


    I couldnt agree more. Seems fun girl.

  3. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Meh…. cute, but nothing that makes her stand out. nice costume.

  4. Redskinfan’s avatar

    Very cute, nice poses.

  5. Avatar of arf

    If I saw her in person, she would stand out. I’d even say “Hello Kitty”! I love her smooth creamy legs.

  6. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    There’s a narrowness/thinness through her cheeks and jaw that’s pretty, somewhat atypical. The body is nice, standard issue Chinese, which floats my boat. The cartoonish doe-eyes with the contacts are annoyingly distracting and detract from her natural cuteness.