Tachada Suwannagud ธชาดา สุวรรณกูฎ

Bunny Sodaize is a brand ambassador for Playboy Thailand, and I think they would be rapt with the job she does.

She has a lot of sexy pics and seems to be a prolific user of social media, so there are plenty of updates. Unfortunately Thai Playboy seems to follow a conservative ‘implied nude’ policy, so with a bit of luck lets hope she crosses the street into the Penthouse offices.

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  1. Avatar of maruchiman

    WOW. a real beauty and definitely 100% female in Thailand………(I hope!)

  2. Avatar of QuantumForce

    I don’t usually have any interest in Thai women, but she is beautiful. I wouldn’t even peg her as being Thai if I had seen her out and about.

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Chai! Chai! Khorp khun khrab!

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Ahem, English only please rw. :)

  5. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Sorry Doctor Lee. Ms.Tachada, that delicious dish of flesh pudding, caused to to lose my wits momentarily and go native.

  6. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Very attractive lady!

    Agree with maruchiman:
    I am always apprehensive when it comes to Thai women….often thinking they may not be naturally born women.

  7. Avatar of arf

    I would laugh so hard if she turned out to be a Ladyboy.

  8. Avatar of smellykev


    Sorry Arf, i had to read that twice. First time i read it as “I would BE so hard……”.

  9. Redskinfan’s avatar

    Nice… I like pic 7 what an amazing dawn shot.

  10. Avatar of arf


    Yeah I know right! (ahem) I mean of course not…What?

  11. Kinchina’s avatar

    In Thailand I have yet to meet a ladyboy who will not be completely honest with you about the origin of their sex. Just ask, politely and they will tell you. And I’ve asked some girls who were not and they were not offended either. They know we worry about this. That’s the experience of all my friends, very frequent Thai travelers. My next visit will be at least my 20th time.
    Shy men who do not ask tell stories of surprises once back in their room. Great stories:)

  12. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Maybe it’s both!

  13. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Tachada, The Black Alley is calling you.