Stephanie Hsu for Discover Card

This currently airing 30-second spot for Discover Card has actress Stephanie Hsu playing a dual role as a cardholder asking about her cashback bonus and as a rep explaining it to her.

Why did the producers of this ad hire one girl to play both roles? Were they too cheap to pay two actresses? Did they want viewers to think there are twins here like in that other Discover Card commercial (with Sinab and Meltem Gulturk)? Perhaps it has something to do with Discover Card’s ad slogan; “At Discover, we treat you like you’d treat you.” Maybe Stephanie can say for sure. Ask her on Twitter. Also see more of her at her IMDb page and her official website. You may have also caught Stephanie playing a not-too-concerned babysitter in another recent commercial for Nest smoke alarms. It’s wrong but funny.

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  1. Avatar of Luke

    I think they went with one girl because she’s a cutie!
    I really like the smoke alarm ad.

  2. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    She is a cutie, and it’s also a really well-produced and edited ad. The back-and-forth cuts are expert and match her chatter style.

  3. Masque’s avatar

    They used one actress in this ad just as they used a single actor or actress to play both parts in this entire ad campaign. The slogan is ‘We treat you like you’d treat you.” Thus, the customer and the aid are the same person. Or, in one case, they are supposedly twins.

  4. Avatar of French

    You know, I like to see the resume and the “about me” section of the websites of performers starting out. I hope she has a good career- she seems to work at and to practice her craft.

    Her website is a study in proper marketing. She differentiates herself and does NOT exploit herself like so many forgettable tarts of the moment .

    And yes, she is a cutie. I’ll be looking for her.

  5. Marc’s avatar

    Discover has done a bunch of these ads, the theme being “we treat you, like you’d treat you”, so in all of them, one actor plays both parts. Not genius, but cute.